How To Clean Grease Drippings From Oven Racks

If you open your oven, there are probably grease drippings on the oven racks and the floor of the oven. Grease drippings come from those meat juices or any juices that drip out from its pan or baking dish. There are times where you might place food straight onto the oven racks to cook and forget to clean. However, there is an easy cleaning method to clean those grease drippings quickly. Clean My Space on YouTube shows how to remove those baked-on greases, food, and grime. This is a cleaning job that rarely gets done, and I am guilty of it. It can leave charred gunk over time if you do not clean them and it can be hard to get off if you keep putting it off.


  • old towel
  • a soft sponge or cleaning toothbrush
  • cup laundry or dish detergent (powdered preferred)


First, lay the towel down on the bottom of the bathtub, and it will protect the surface of the bathtub so it doesn’t get scratched by the detergent or racks. Place the oven racks on top of the towel. Then, plug the drain and fill it completely to cover the racks with hot water. Dissolve the detergent in hot water, and add it to the tub. Sprinkle extra powder on the bottom of the towel.

Kitchen Tips and Hacks - Simple and Easy Oven Cleaning - DIY Cleaning
Image by Clean My Space via YouTube

Next, once the racks have sat in the tub for 6-10 hours, take the toothbrush or sponge and wipe off any residue.

Clean Greasy Oven Racks - Remove Grease Drippings - Kitchen Cleaning Hacks
Image by Clean My Space via YouTube

Overall, this cleaning method helps the grease come off easier and to avoid excess scrubbing. I think it’s comical that she places the oven racks in the bathtub because my parents would not like that idea and would make me scrub it with oven cleaning spray.

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