How To Clean The Toilet Tank Without Scrubbing

The toilet tank can be a scary place such as how dirty it can be on the inside, and I’m sure many people avoid opening it up. However, there is a way to clean the toilet tank without scrubbing, and it can look brand new again. Andrea Jean Cleaning on YouTube shows an at-home technique with 2 different tests in about 15 minutes. If I had to be honest, I do not remember the last time I opened the toilet tank or cleaned it ever. After watching this video, it makes me want to clean it because it’s easy without any scrubbing. There can be a lot of rust, lime, and other mineral deposits that build up. This is such an informative video because I had no idea that a dirty toilet tank can lead to stains in the toilet bowl too.


  • bucket of warm water
  • citric acid


First, make sure that your toilet water is turned off, and flush to drain the water. Hold the handle down to get as much of the water out as possible. Pour the bucket of warm water to fill up to the line of the toilet tank and add the citric acid.

Use Citric Acid To Clean Toilet Tank - DIY Toilet Tank Cleaner - No Scrub toilet Tank Cleaner
Image by Andrea Jean Cleaning via YouTube

Next, take something to stir the water, and let it sit for about 1 hour. Then, flush the toilet to see the results. Continue to watch Andrea Jean Cleaning tutorial on YouTube for the full instructions and details.

DIY Cleaning Tips and Hacks - Deep Cleaning Hacks - Deep Cleaning Toilet Tank
Image by Andrea Jean Cleaning via YouTube

Overall, I’ve noticed that citric acid saves the day for a lot of built-up grime and stains for sinks and toilets. I’m impressed by how a single product can clean up all of the dirtiness easily. It’s incredible how this works, and she tried the bleach method, but it did not work.

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