How To Deep Clean A Toaster

Toasters are one of the handiest appliances ever invented, and they can get really dirty without you even being fully aware of it. We don’t’ usually clean out our toasters on a daily, weekly, or even a monthly basis because you can wipe off the outside of a toaster, and your toaster appears clean and still looks great in your kitchen. When I found this awesome deep cleaning toaster method by TJ’s Ways, on YouTube, I really knew this idea was something I really needed to employ as part of my normal kitchen cleaning routine. We all can clear the bottom removable tray to clear a majority of the crumbs but, there are still a lot of crumbs left when you look inside.

Materials And Methods For Deep Cleaning A Toaster:

  • You want to do the toaster cleaning over the sink.
  • A plastic straw
  • A vacuum
  • Make sure the toaster is unplugged.
  • Take out the tray from the bottom and shake out and wash.
  • Hold straw just inside the nozzle vacuum attachment.


In this awesome deep cleaning toaster method by TJ’s Ways, on YouTube, you will learn how to deep clean the hardest to reach interior sections of your toaster. You begin by removing the bottom tray of your toaster and cleaning first. Then you will stick the straw into the vacuum nozzle and work the straw around the interior floor of the toaster.

DIY Cleaning Hacks - How To Clean A Toaster - DIY Deep Cleaning Appliances
Image By: TJ’s Ways Via YouTube

The straw is very playable, so you can really get into all of the crevices of the toaster.

Easy Cleaning Hacks - Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Hacks - DIY Toaster Cleaning Ideas
Image By: TJ’s Ways Via YouTube

This method can also be used to clean coffee makers and other appliances, it is very useful.

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