How To Easily Defog Car Windows

It’s that time of the year where the temperature has dropped, and you need to wake up earlier to start your car so it’s warm. However, that can waste gas, and it’s already hard to drag yourself out of bed when it’s cold outside. For some reason, turn on the heat or AC takes longer and I hate sitting in a cold car waiting for my windows to defrost. So, there are 4 simples steps to easily defog your car windshield and windows. Plus, there’s a bonus tip on how to prevent your windows from fogging up in the future.

Turn heat on to full blast

DIY Defog Car Windows - Easy Ways To Defog Car Windows Fast
Image by Pan TheOrganizer via YouTube

Turn the heat to full blast because the hot air can hold more moisture.

Turn on the A/C button

This also helps further remove moisture if you turn on the A/C button.

Turn off the air recirculation

Instead, you want to draw the cold air from the outside into the vehicle as the cold air does not hold much moisture. If you pull the fresh cold air in, it would help absorb more moisture from inside the vehicle.

Crack open windows

Try to crack open as many car windows as possible which would help exchange more humid air from inside the vehicle with the outside air.

Lastly, the bonus step is to add anti-fog to your windshield, which will help prevent any fogging. You can purchase a high-quality glass cleaner, a waffle-weave microfiber glass towel, degreaser, and anti-fog spray. You clean and add these products from the inside of the glass.

Car Detailing Tips - 4 Steps To Defog Car Windows - Defog Car Windows in Cold Weather
Image by Pan TheOrganizer via YouTube

Overall, it is frustrating when your car fogs up because the cold air from outside gets in contact with the hot air from the inside. Although some of these steps are simple, I didn’t know most of the tips that were given. I’m going to have to try these 4 tips out to see if it would speed up the process in the morning.

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