How To Make A Gift Bag Using Wrapping Paper

This technique on how to make a gift bag using wrapping paper by Charmed by Ashley on YouTube is unique and shows many different ways on how to wrap Christmas gifts. However, this gift bag is meant for lighter objects such as clothing, slippers, and outdoor accessories. Plus it’s a great way to use the wrapping paper instead of buying boxes for gifts. It’s a good way to not throw things in a bag and make it more customizable. This gives me an idea of how to make wrapping paper creative and fun. Also, this isn’t too fancy, but it’s a clever idea that’s straight to the point. I love all kinds of DIY crafts if it saves so much money. I think they’re cuter than store-bought gift bags.


  • ribbons
  • scissors
  • gift wrap paper
  • hole puncher
  • tape


First, take the wrapping paper and wrap the gift as if you are wrapping a box.

Wrapping Paper Crafts - Christmas Crafts - Easy Christmas Gift Bags
Image by Charmed by Ashley via YouTube

Next, hole punch the top part of the gift wrapping bag and add ribbons to close off the top of the gift. Continue to watch Charmed by Ashley on YouTube for full instructions and details.

Gift Wrapping Paper Bag - Christmas Gift Wrapping
Image by Charmed by Ashley via YouTube

Overall, I love this gift bag because it’s a great way to use gift wrapping paper in a different way instead of wasting money on gift bags. Also, the video has step by step instructions that’s similar to wrapping a regular gift that’s in a box. I can see why this type of bag works for smaller items because the wrapping paper is not as durable. It’s a great money-saving trick that is captivating. I have a lot of wrapping paper accumulated over the years, so it would be nice to try to get rid of them.

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