How To Make A Santa Face Mask

Make the most of the mask mandate with this DIY Santa mask video tutorial by Fashion Crafts, on YouTube. This is a very cheerful way that is sure to give everyone a good chuckle when they see this delightful holiday accessory. Masks are no fun, but with this easy-to-make Santa mask, you will be the hit of the crowd. The method of making this Sant mask is very simple and requires only a few simple materials. The only worrisome aspect of this mask idea is that you may have all of the children running up to you asking if you are bringing their presents this Christmas, LOL.

Materials For The Santa Mask:

  • A red mask (if you make one out of velvet that would look nice)
  • Faux fur or fleece (for Santa’s beard, you could even use white felt)
  • A piece of paper (to draw the beard)
  • Any other Christmas decoration of your choice


In this DIY Santa mask video tutorial by Fashion Crafts, on YouTube, you will learn how to make this easy Santa mask in a few easy steps. You begin by cutting out your faux fur or fleece in the appropriate length you desire.

How To Make A Holiday Mask - DIY Santa Ideas - DIY Christmas Fashion Ideas
Image By: @marcscott Via Instagram

Then, you will just glue your Santa beard and mustache onto the mask, then add the extra Christmas decoration of your choosing. 


Christmas Gift Ideas - DIY Santa Mask - DIY Christmas Costume Ideas
Image By: @marcscott Via Instagram

This is such a cute project, and is so easy to make!

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