How To Remove Permanent Marker From Anything

There are many times where you accidentally get a permanent marker on your desk or wall, and you feel like it will never come off. However, there are 4 effective ways to remove permanent marker from anything. It doesn’t have to be a strictly permanent marker, but if you have children, most likely there may be marks on the walls with scribbles. These 4 products you might already have available in your closets because they are useful in everyday life. These 4 products can save the day in case you come across a sharpie line mark on something.


  • hairspray
  • nail polish remover
  • rubbing alcohol
  • vinegar

The hairspray method is one of the well-known ways to remove sharpie lines that I’ve always used. Most likely I would have hairspray around the house, and I just spray it on the surface and rub it off with a towel or napkin.

4 Ways To Remove Permanent Marker - Sharpie from Walls With Rubbing Alcohol
Image by House Keeper via YouTube

There are certain products I would use on specific surfaces because it might stain them. Although these products can help remove the permanent marker marks, the residue from the products can leave a stain. For example, sometimes the hairspray may leave a stain if you spray it on the wall, so I would just rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad instead. I’ve used hairspray on a white t-shirt before and tried to scrub it off with hairspray, then throw it in the washer so it doesn’t leave an extra stain.


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Image by House Keeper via YouTube

Overall, you can pick and choose what products to use in order to remove those permanent markers. They will be able to vanish in no time, and these products do not have harsh chemicals in them. Honestly, it’s an inexpensive and effective way to remove those marks because I have all 4 products already available in my closet.

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