How To Reuse Old Candle Wax Into New Candles

There are many times where candles go to waste, but this DIY by Craftcore DIY & Sewing on YouTube shows how to reuse the old candle wax and turn them into new candles. This video will show the process from start to finish for melting all of the wax out of the old candle, how to make a guide for the candle wick placement, and how to pour the wax into the new reused jar. Also, this video inspired me to not throw out my old candles when the wick is used up.


  • Nearly empty candle jars, the more the better!
  • Candle Wicks and Wick Clips
  • Stove
  • Large Pot
  • Water
  • Tongs (we used a silicone pair and a metal pair, but I think two silicone ones would be better for extra grippiness)
  • Tape (we used electrical, but any kind should be fine)
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Long Tweezers
  • Wooden Skewer Sticks
  • Scissors


First, bring a pot barely to a boil, and lower the heat down to reduce to a simmer. The water should be deep enough to the wax area of the jar, but not too deep where the jar is submerged. Place the candle jar into the simmering water. Then, remove the wax once it’s melted just enough to remove.

Melt Old Candles To Make New Candles - DIY Old Candle Wax - Homemade Candle Making
Image by Craftcore DIY & Sewing via YouTube

Next, continue to watch DIY by Craftcore DIY & Sewing tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and details. Melt all of the wax. Make sure to drape the new wick, and pour the hot wax in the center.

DIY Candle Crafts - DIY Wax Pour - DIY New Candles
Image by Craftcore DIY & Sewing via YouTube

In conclusion, it’s easy to recycle old candles into new candles. I know a lot of my old candles go to waste, and it sucks because the wick is used up. There are many expensive candles that I received that had amazing scent, and now I can mix them with my other candles.

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