No-Sew DIY Instant Sock Face Mask

This no-sew face mask by Twin Tag on YouTube is a quick and easy way to make an instant mask using a sock. There are only 3 supplies needed to make this face mask, and it’s one of the easiest tutorials I’ve come across. It’s interesting to see how this face mask is made out of a sock and tissue paper as the filter. I would take a reusable face mask and stuff it inside the sock as a filter instead for better protection. Honestly, there are no excuses to make your own face mask at home because there are many how-to videos that are made with supplies that you may already have laying around the house. This DIY sock face mask can be made in under 20 minutes, and it does not require any skills. Plus, you can use cute socks for a fun sock face mask.



First, fold the tissue paper and stuff it inside the sock. It will serve as the filter for the mask. Also, I’m sure you can use other things that you may have for the filter.

diy face mask without sewing machine - How To Make Face Masks - DIY Reusable Face Masks
Image by Twin Tag via YouTube

Next, fold down and make a crease with each side of the sock with the two ends meeting in the middle. Take the elastic and tie a knot and add them to the ends of the sock. Continue to watch Twin Tag on YouTube for full instructions and details.

How To Make A Face Mask - DIY Sock Face Mask - Easy Ways To Make A Face Mask
Image by Twin Tag via YouTube

Overall, this is an innovative idea on how to make a face mask with everyday items that you may have extra in your house. There is no sewing machine needed to make this face mask, and it’s easy to wash and reuse. You can just take the elastic bands off the ends of the sock, take out the filter, and wash.

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