Ways To Keep Out Spiders And Mice

Mice may seem furry and cute to some people, and spiders are probably universally not liked very much. One thing for sure, you don’t want any of these critters running around the house. Mice can carry diseases and infect your living space and spiders can bite and scare many people. If you are like me, the thought of killing the mice and spiders, and having their dead carcasses lying around probably doesn’t sound like a good solution either. That is why I was so happy to find this helpful video tutorial by Bright Side, on YouTube, which described seven very efficient natural solutions to taking care of a mice problem by repelling them, not killing them. This video goes through all these ideas using things you probably already have around the house. There are so many ideas here like, sprinkling Tabasco sauce around the baseboards outside, putting peppermint on teabags or cotton balls,  filling an old thin sock with cloves, and leaving these sachet packets around your house, or stuffing dryer sheets in places where the mice are likely entering the house.

One amazing thing I learned from this wonderful video tutorial was that mice cannot stand peppermint oil, it irritates their nose and masks the faremone activity they need to find their way around. If the mice are in need of a midnight snack they can sniff their way back t a food source, by if you add peppermint oil to your cleaning solution, they cannot find anything.

Natural Bug Spray - How To Rid The Home Of Mice - Homemade Mice Repellent
Image By: Bright Side Via YouTube

You can keep spiders at bay by sprinkling a bit of Borax or boric acid around any area in your home.

Use Boric Acid For Pest Control - How To Get Rid Of Spiders - Easy Pest Control Ideas
Image By: Bright Side Via YouTube

These are great ideas, I am so glad I found this video!

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