3 Ways To Buy Jeans Without Trying Them On

There are times where you might not want to go into a fitting room to try on jeans, and there are times where the fitting room isn’t open, however, there are 3 ways to buy jeans without trying them on. Especially with the pandemic going on, it sucks having to buy clothing without having the chance to try them on. Also, this video by Bright Side on YouTube gives tips on how to check if your foot will easily fit into skinny jeans.

Choose the size

3 Simple Tips To Choose Perfect Pair of Jeans - Measure Jeans around Your Neck
Image by Bright Side via YouTube

To choose the right size, hold the jeans at both ends of the waistband, and try to wrap the waistband around your neck. If one end easily reaches the other, then it is your size. The ends do not have to meet precisely.

Define the width

Bend your arm at the elbow, and clench your fist. Your forearm should easily fit into a zipped-up waistband. This works for jeans that are standard waist, so it won’t work if you are trying to buy high waisted jeans.

Check the length

How To Measure Jeans Without Trying Them On - Clothing Hacks and Tips
Image by Bright Side via YouTube

Hold the top and bottom ends of the legs in each hand, and stretch your arms out to the sides as far as you can. If the middle of the jeans hand right under your chin at the neck level, then it is the correct pair.

Extra tip: if you wear skinny jeans, just clench your hand into a fist and insert through the jeans to see if it fits. The protruding bones of the knuckles should easily pass into the leg opening without stretching the hemline. Continue to watch Bright Side video on YouTube on how to find the perfect jeans for your body type and for extra tips and details. Overall, these are useful tips to consider when shopping for the perfect pair of jeans.

3 Ways To Buy Jeans Without Trying Them On - Hacks on How To Choose Jeans

3 Ways To Buy Jeans Without Trying Them On

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