Easy Way To Peel And Eat A Pineapple

Pineapple is one of my favorite fruits, so I was so excited to find this video tutorial by Emmymade, on YouTube, that explains how to peel and eat pineapple. This pineapple cutting method enables you to pull the tabs on the skin of the pineapple and eat them one by one. You start by picking the ideal pineapple that is ripe. You know a pineapple is ripe by looking at the bottom of the pineapple to see if it is fairly brown and then you will look for a yellow color about half the way down your fruit. The skin of the fruit from the mid-half upwards should have a green color and the pineapple should smell very strong on pineapple flavor.

You will begin by cutting the pineapple along the lines of the natural diamond shapes in the skin near the top. Repeat this pattern until your pineapple is cut all the way around. You want to go all the way to the center so you can pull out the top easily.

Pineapple Peeling Hack - How To Cut A Pineapple - Easy Way To Cut Pineapple
Image By: Emmymade Via YouTube

Then, you will pull off the top of the pineapple, then continue cutting around all of the diamond patterns in the skin. You will then be able to pull all of the sections off by the little tabs and eat. It is really that easy!

Easy Way To Eat Pineapple - How To Cut And Eat Pineapple - Fruit Cutting Ideas
Image By: Emmymade Via YouTube

This is a fabulous way to cut and eat pineapple, and there are 2 more variations in this wonderful video tutorial.

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