How To Clean Between Oven Glass

This tutorial by That Dad Mike on YouTube shows how to clean between the oven glass by removing the oven glass door and dissembling it in less than an hour. Over time, the condensation has dripped down between the glass and oven door. There are 2 different ways to clean the drippings off. Plus, the tutorial will show how to reassemble and reinstall the door back onto the oven. I think this is a helpful kitchen cleaning tip because I’ve always thought about how to clean the drippings from the inside glass.


  • ruler or yardstick
  • cloth or towel
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • drill
  • antibacterial wipes or damp napkin
  • window cleaner


First, remove the oven door by using a flathead screwdriver and moving the tip of the hinge lock upon each side which will release the latch. Grab the sides of the oven and close it until it’s almost closed. Lift it off and place it on a flat surface under a towel. Remove the screws that are around the perimeter. Continue to watch That Dad Mike tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and details.

Clean BETWEEN Oven Glass - How to - Kitchen Cleaning Tips and Tricks
Image by That Dad Mike via YouTube

Next, there are many layers to clean so make sure to unscrew and clean off each glass surface with wipes and glass cleaner. Once cleaned, reassemble and attach the door back onto the oven.

How To Take Apart an Oven door and clean it - Cleaning Oven Door Glass - Self Cleaning Tips and Tricks
Image by That Dad Mike via YouTube

Overall, it’s gross to see the grease drippings in the oven glass even when you clean the exterior and interior of the oven. Sometimes it gets stuck between the glasses which causes to remove the whole entire oven door. However, the other option would be wrapping the yardstick with a towel and stick it down the vents on the top of the oven and work back and forth. That method would take a lot of time so it’s easier to disassemble the oven door as a whole.

How To Clean Between Oven Glass - Oven Glass Cleaning Tips

How To Clean Between Oven Glass

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