How To Clean Blinds In Less Than 4 Minutes

Blinds get dusty easily over time, but Brian Lee on YouTube demonstrates how to clean blinds in less than 4 minutes. It’s an easy and quick hack instead of putting it into a tub, pool or even using a duster. I hate dusting the blinds because sometimes it doesn’t remove the dust. I wouldn’t do this method every week, because I don’t clean my blinds often. So, this would be a hack that’s worth a try if my blinds are super dusty. It’s satisfying to see the dirt being sprayed off easily with the hose.


  • Mean Green Cleaner and Degreaser (or any multipurpose cleaning spray product)
  • Bungee cord with S-hooks
  • water hose with headpiece


First, loop a bungee cord or any string to hang the blinds outside onto something at an angle. Open the blinds up a little bit so there’s an opening to spray every spot. Let the product sit for a couple of minutes.

Use Multipurpose Cleaner To Clean Blinds - Easy Ways To Clean Blinds - Cleaning Hacks and Tips
Image by Brian Lee via YouTube

Next, take the water hose with a headpiece on it, and switch it to flat mode. It will give a wide spray. Go through the blinds and spray the cleaning product and dirt right off. Continue to watch Brian Lee tutorial on YouTube for any other instructions and details.

Household Tips and Tricks - Easy Blind Cleaning - 4 Minute DIY
Image by Brian Lee via YouTube

Note: if you want to speed up the process of drying the wet blinds, open them up more and use a leaf blower to spray off the water. However, they will dry off over time if you leave it outside hanging. Also, dusty blinds are annoying because you can just swipe your fingers across one, and they can collect dust quickly. Overall, I would do this cleaning hack because it takes less than 4 minutes to do without any hard dusting or scrubbing.

How To Clean Blinds In Less Than 4 Minutes - DIY House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

How To Clean Blinds In Less Than 4 Minutes

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