How To Clean Slide Doors Or Window Tracks

The window sill and slide doors tract dirt overtime from the outside, but this tutorial by lovelygrtt on YouTube shows how clean them with natural ingredients. This method helps easily remove the dirt in the cracks and crevices without hard scrubbing. Also, it depends on how dirty your tracks are to determine how many rounds you’d need to have it all clean. It’s an inexpensive cleaning tip because you may have these ingredients at your house already. Plus, you can tweak out the steps such as using a toothbrush to reach the corners and edges that your fingers might not be able to.


  • hydrogen peroxide
  • baking soda
  • rag or paper towel


First, pour the baking soda along the window sill or slide doors. Then, add the hydrogen peroxide on top of the baking soda, and let it sit for a couple of minutes. You will hear a fizzing sound from the 2 ingredients reacting.

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks - Learn how To Clean Window Tracks and Window Sills
Image by lovelygrtt via YouTube

Next, once the ingredients have soaked into the window sill or slide doors, use a rag or paper towel to wipe off the dirt. This will make the dirt come off easier. Continue cleaning until the dirt is all removed. This may require a few paper towels or to wash out the rag after a few wipings.

Easy Ways to Clean Slide Doors and Window Sills - Use Baking Soda and Peroxide To Clean Tracks
Image by lovelygrtt via YouTube

Overall, this is a great cleaning tip because my parents used to make me clean the window sills all around the house, and I would just clean it with a paper towel or rag. It wasn’t as efficient and took longer to clean because the dirt didn’t want to come off easily. I would try out this method at home because they can get gross after a few months if it’s not clean and maintained. Also, I’ve heard to vacuum out any dirt before cleaning it can help with the cleaning process.

How To Clean Slide Doors Or Window Tracks - Baking Soda Cleaning Tips

How To Clean Slide Doors Or Window Tracks

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