How To Clean Stained Car Seats

If you have cloth seats in your car, this tutorial by iDV Create on YouTube shows how to clean stained car seats for an inexpensive price. Stains can accumulate over time and wear out from things that you may have dropped on the seats. This works for other car seat materials because the Oxi Clean cleaner says it’s great for carpet, leather, fabric and vinyl. I love Oxi Clean and it works well when I use their products to clean. It cost only about $3 to buy this products and it works well to remove the dirty stains. I am impressed by this cleaning hack and would have to pass this along to my fellow family and friends that may have stains on their car seats.


  • Oxi Clean total interior cleaner
  • vacuumiDV Create


First, spray the entire seat with the cleaner generously. Let the product cleaner sit for about 30-50 seconds and use the brush to scrub the stained area. It’s important to not wait too long or the product will soak into the seats.

Use Oxi Clean To Remove Stains on Car Seats - Car Seat Stain Removal - DIY Stains on Car Seats
Image by iDV Create via YouTube

Next, keep applying the cleaner and using a brush to scrub. Vacuum the seats to suck out the product so that it could possibly be cleaner and not have any product lingering around. Repeat the process of respraying the product and scrubbing if necessary.

How To Clean Dirty Car Seats - How To Clean Cloth and Leather Seats
Image by iDV Create via YouTube

Overall, this would be a great way to tidy up the car seats from the dirty stains. Also, it’s important to use the small bristles that are on top and blue because the bottom green bristles are hard and can damage the seat. Another alternative would be using a separate soft brush to scrub the seats with, but use the product from the Oxi Clean. If you don’t have the vacuum use a microfiber cloth and a bucket of water.

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