How To Fold And Organize Clothes Properly

If you like keeping your drawers nice and tidy and care about sloppily folded clothes, then this video tutorial by Clean My Space, on YouTube, is one you won’t want to miss. Sweaters and shirts can be such a difficult thing to store neatly because they are extremely difficult to fold due to all that elastic gathering. Although all of that knitted yarn can be great for making the sweater, and help you stay warm and comfy, they can definitely be a hindrance if you are trying to neatly fold them neatly and store them in the drawers and cabinets. I had never really watched anyone fold sweaters and shirts, but it can make you realize how easy the whole process can actually be. Luckily, in this video tutorial, you will see just how to fold these kinds of difficult items, and the key tucking steps will blow your mind. You will be thinking, how silly it was to think this kind of folding was hard in the first place.

In this video tutorial by Clean My Space, on YouTube, you will learn how to fold bulky sweaters into a neat little bundle. The directions are really easy to follow and once you learn these methods of folding they will quickly become a habit.

Drawer Organizing Hacks - Easy Cleaning Ideas - How To Fold And Organize
Image By: Clean My Space Via YouTube

Then, you will organize your drawers with these amazing dividers that you can find online or at Walmart.

How To Arrange Clothes - Space Saving Ideas - Easy Organizing Ideas
Image By: Clean My Space Via YouTube

These ideas are absolutely amazing and really helped me get organized.

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