How To Keep Bananas Fresh With Foil

When I found this awesome video tutorial by 107.3 Pop Crush, on YouTube that described how to keep bananas fresh using a little bit of tin foil at the top of the stem, I couldn’t wait to try this interesting new method to see if it really worked. In this interesting video, there are 2 methods of keeping bananas fresh. The first method is to wrap plastic around the top of the stem, and the second method is to wrap the top stem with aluminum foil.

Bananas were all wrapped in their various materials and the experimenter waited 6 days to see which banans stayed freshest.

Keep Bananas Fresh - Aluminum Foil For Bananas - Easy Aluminum Foil Ideas
Image By: 107.3 Pop Crush Via YouTube

The results were wild! The plastic-wrapped bananas went bad the quickest, that is so strange because I notice grocery stores do this, seems like they should have tried this experiment. The ones that had nothing were a bit better than the plastic wrap, but the best way, in my opinion, was the foil-wrapped stem. 

How To Keep Bananas Fresh - Ways To Preserve Food With Foil - Fruit Preservation Techniques
Image By: 107.3 Pop Crush Via YouTube

This method of preserving bananas is awesome, try it at home, and see what you think.

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