How To Make A Jelly Roll Quilted Tote Bag

When I found this jelly roll tote bag video tutorial by The Midnight Quilt Show, on YouTube,  I knew I had to make this cool bag idea. The two very best things about this DIY jelly roll tote bag that it is made using easy pre-cut strips and also has a gorgeous easy to follow handmade patchwork detail that really makes this project look very special. It makes a nice bag for shopping and looks so stylish with jeans and casual wear. I couldn’t wait to make one for my DIY fashion needs. I started the project by getting my materials together, I just used a few pieces of scrap remnant fabrics I got from the clearance section at Joann’s Fabrics. The sewing instructions are really easy to follow, you just cut out your outer fabric layer and stiff interfacing and start sewing. You can use softer interfacing for a bag you would just be used for transport, but if you want your bag to stand up and have a more professional tailored look, use heavy fusible interfacing between your lining and your top fabric. The fusible is also an option, but I find these projects go more smoothly and look better with a fusible you can iron right onto the fabric, it becomes a much more durable component to your project.

Materials For The Jelly Roll Tote Bag:

  • A few jelly roll strips
  • Thread
  • a sewing machine
  • a quilter’s ruler
  • A rotary cutter
  • A cutting mat
  • An iron
  • An ironing mat
  • A pair of scissors


In this jelly roll tote bag video tutorial by The Midnight Quilt Show, on YouTube, you will learn how to make this beautiful tote bag in a few easy steps. This bag is so easy to make and looks amazing. The top side has an interesting herringbone pattern.

Tote Bag Idea - Easy Tote Bag Idea - How To Make A Tote Bag
Image By: The Midnight Quilt Show Via YouTube

Then, the other side is a very interesting vertical design that is so easy to do with jelly rolls.

Easy Tote Bag Pattern - Free Tote Bag Pattern - Easy Sewing Ideas
Image By: The Midnight Quilt Show Via YouTube

This tote bag is so cute and easy, I really love it!

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