How To Make Hard-Boiled Eggs In An Air Fryer

Hard-boiled eggs are so delicious on salads and sandwiches, and I like to keep a few in the refrigerator for a quick healthy snack. When I found this wonderful air fryer hard-boiled egg video recipe tutorial by Best Recipe Box, on YouTube, I had to try this new and exciting idea. This by far is one f the best ideas I have found in a long time, I just can’t think of any recipe that is easier.

All you need to do is place your eggs in the air fryer at 270°F for 15 minutes.

How To Cook Eggs - Easy Egg Ideas - Make Hard Boiled Eggs For Salads
Image By: Best Box Recipes Via YouTube

Then you will submerge the eggs in an ice-water bath for 15 minutes. This ice bath idea makes the eggs perfect, and very easy to peel.

Hard Boiled Eggs The Easy Way - Make The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg - Air Fryer Hard Boiled Egg Recipe
Image By: Best Box Recipes Via YouTube

This is a fantastic idea, I really love it!

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