How To Remove Hair Wrapped Around Vacuum Rollers

If you look under your vacuum, there may be hair bunched up and wrapped around the rollers. Sweat blood and Womans work on YouTube shows how to easily remove the hair from underneath the vacuum. Also, the hair wrapped around the rollers could affect how the vacuum works. I shed a lot of hair naturally, so it’s easy for my vacuum to collect my hair. It’s not a hard process to do or work on, but it depends on how much hair you may have built upon the rollers. This cleaning hack works because I would see my dad doing this when I was younger or he would make me do it. It can be a tedious job to do, but worth it.


  • scissors
  • any sharp tools
  • vacuum with a hose


First, use a pair of scissors to cut along the roller.

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks - Remove Hair From Underneath Vacuum
Image by sweat and blood Womans work via YouTube

Next, turn on the vacuum and use the hose to suck up the hair while the roller is spinning. This will help see what hair needs to be cut or you can use your fingers and other tools to pull out the rest of the hair.

Easy Ways To Remove Hair Wrapped Around Rollers - DIY Hair Removal
Image by sweat and blood Womans work via YouTube

Overall, this is a good idea to clean out the bottom rollers of a vacuum because it will get hard to remove over time if you vacuum often. I know I need to start doing this to my vacuum because I have a lot of hair. Sometimes it can be annoying to vacuum and the rollers are clunked up with hair which may take longer to vacuum since it’s in the way. Also, it could be a possibility that the hair on the ground may not get picked up if the rollers are already filled with hair.

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