How To Replace A Doorbell Button

There may be a time where your doorbell sound may not work. Ehowhome on YouTube demonstrates an easy way to replace the doorbell button. There are 2 factors to determine if the doorbell doesn’t work such as the sound or the light that is inside of them. The light problem is more convenient when it’s dark outside because you can locate the doorbell if there are no lights on around the house. Also, this tutorial is important for those who may want a different appearance on the doorbell or to relocate it. There are many variables depending on personal situations and how this video can save you money instead of hiring someone to do so.


  • small (#1) Flathead screwdriver


First, take the screwdriver and remove the 2 screws that are at the top and bottom. Once the screws are removed, the doorbell comes right off the house. There are 2 wires that the doorbell is attached to, so, remove the 2 screws that are holding the wire in. Continue to watch Ehowhome tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and details.

Easy Ways To Replace Doorbell Button - Home Improvement & Repair Tips
Image by ehowhome via YouTube

Next, to install the button, do all of the steps but in reverse of the removal. However, if you are using a new button, you may need to drill new holes.

Home Improvement Projects - Ways To Install a Doorbell Button
Image by ehowhome via YouTube

Overall, this isn’t a long or hard process, but it’s important to pay close detail when removing and not messing around with the wires. It’s good that there are free videos like these out there to show how to replace and install a doorbell button. This is an easy video to follow along with, and he uses the same doorbell button, but the steps to adding a new one are the exact same. It takes only 1 tool to replace and fix a doorbell button.

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