How To Revive Old Potting Soil

I went to Home Depot not too long ago and there was a severe soil shortage, I asked why they didn’t have soil, and no one knew. I went searching online for some alternative ideas that I could use, and I found this awesome idea to make soil reusable again by Scott Head, on YouTube, and I immediately went to work on this excellent idea. This method is great for gathering any soil laying around your property to turn it into fresh potting soil. There is really no special criteria that you will need to use to decide what soil is suitable, and what soil is not suitable. The only soil that is definitely not suitable is soil that housed a diseased plant, not pests, but a legitimate disease, like fungus.

You will want to screen your soil, to rid it of any unwanted roots and weeds. Then, you can add compost to the soil to enrich it.

Easy Way To Reuse Potting Soil - How To Make Soil Rich Again - Growing Food At Home
Image By: Scott Head Via YouTube

Then You can add a slow-acting organic fertilizer to really give the soil a boost.

Reclaimed Potting Soil - How To Reuse Potting Soil - Easy Ways To Refresh Potting Soil
Image By: Scott Head Via YouTube

This method of soil revitalization really helped me, I don’t want to run out of soil in these uncertain times. There are so many great tips in Scott’s video tutorial, it really is a must-see. Any soil you can find can become the rich potting soil of your dreams with all of these extremely useful tips from the expert gardener Scott Head.

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