How To Unclog A Toilet Using Water And Dish Soap

If you don’t have a rubber plunger and you clog your toilet, try this DIY hack by Chris DIYer on YouTube on how to unclog a toilet using water and dish soap. I’ve learned this technique from my grandma and dad because there was a time that the plunge didn’t work and my grandma told me it would better. Honestly, I understand the science behind it because the soap will make the toilet bowl nice and slippery. It would take about 30 minutes max, but it is worth it rather than spending extra money for a plumber. Sometimes, it will take less time. The hot water lubricates and pushes everything down the drain. This DIY hack takes patience because you need everything to sit.


  • bucket
  • gloves
  • dish soap
  • hot tap water


First, fill up your bucket with really hot water, and pour it into the toilet bowl. Then, add about 8 oz of dish soap to the bowl.

DIY Clogged Toilet - Unclog Toilet Using Soap - Easy Cleaning Tips and Hack
Image by Chris DIYer via YouTube

Next, add another bucket of hot water to the toilet bowl after the dish soap has been added after 10-15 minutes. If the water goes up to its rim and then immediately back down, then the clog is probably taken care of. Hit the flush to see if it works. Continue to watch Chris DIYer on YouTube for full instructions and details.

Use Hot Water and Dish Soap To Unclog Toilet - DIY Cleaning Tips and Tricks - Bathroom Cleaning Hacks
Image by Chris DIYer via YouTube

Overall, this is a great bathroom hack if you have a mishap on the toilet. It’s important to use really hot water for this hack to get everything flowing quickly. Save money and try this hack on your own before calling a plumber. I think unclogging your toilet on your own is better if you’re able to solve it. Plus, this method is cleaner rather than using a plunger that might create splashes.

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