Why Not To Use Dishwasher Pods

Dishwasher pods can seem an easy and quick solution for doing the dishes, and they certainly are simple to use, but upon a close inspection, they may not be the best option.  I recently found this awesome video tutorial by Andrea Jean Cleaning, on YouTube, where she takes a close look at what the dishwasher pods actually are and what they are supposed to. Many questions are answered in Andrea’s video, such as, are they worth the price, how many cycles need to be run while using them, do you use other products while using a dishwasher pod, do they even work better, and do they resemble sweets or something that may cause a young one to eat it? All these questions and more are answered here.

One question that is addressed in this excellent video, is the closer look that is given to what the actual label says. The label says it contains all the other extra ingredients, while right above it, it says you need to add the extra products anyway. Also, you need to use the one cycle only option on the dishwasher because there is supposedly no need for a pre-wash.

Dishwasher Pods Test - Dishwasher Hacks - Easy Ways To Clean Dishes
Image By: Andrea Jean Cleaning Via YouTube

After all the questions are answered, it really seems like the good old-fashioned liquid is the best value for the money, and gives you a nice pre-wash option.

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Image By: Andrea Jean Cleaning Via YouTube

This is a really great video and really makes you an informed consumer.

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