DIY Amethyst Melt And Pour Soap

It’s interesting to see how simple it is to make your own amethyst melt and pour soap and this DIY by Sarah Milroy on YouTube shows the simple steps. I love how you can be as creative as you want with this DIY soap idea. I love the look of purple and glitter mixed. This would be a great Christmas stocking stuffer gift idea or for any occasion. Just use someone’s favorite color and make a bunch of these all at once. Plus, you can use any type of molds to have nice designs or be simple. I think making kid-friendly ones out of animal-shaped molds would be a cute idea.


  • clear melt and pour
  • white melt and pour
  • rubbing alcohol
  • Amethyst Fragrance Oil
  • Queen’s Purple Mica
  • Fine Silver Rainbow EcoGlitter (holographic, NOT iridescent)
  • Gemstone Mold
  • 12-Bar Square Silicone Mold
  • Round Silicone Mold


First, melt the melt and pour and start mixing the color. Add glitter to the purple mica and spray a bit of rubbing alcohol to mix together. Remove the melt and pour while it still has a little lump in it, and stir off the heat until they’re gone. Slowly add the color into the melt and pour and the fragrance oil. Add the mixture into the mold, and spray rubbing alcohol on top because it gets rid of the bubbles.

Melt and Pour To Make Soap - Homemade Soaps
Image by Sarah Milroy via YouTube

Next, add the white melt and pour once it is slightly cooled down. Take a spatula and insert it into the soap molds a couple of times, then top it with the darker purple. Let it sit and it will be ready.

How To Make Amethyst Melt and Pour Soap - Easy Silicone Projects - Stocking Stuffer Ideas
Image by Sarah Milroy via YouTube

Overall, I love the idea of this amethyst melt and pour soap idea. You can add different types of glitter or small little stars to create a different effect. I love how the white and purple create swirls too. I think I would try to add essential oils for a natural scent in the soap.

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