DIY Love Macrame Keychain

This DIY love macrame keychain tutorial by Pelangi Shop on YouTube is so easy to follow along with and a good way to make a gift for someone. It has a great weaving pattern and design for someone that is a beginner. Although this tutorial may seem intimidating, it’s not as hard as it looks. Just follow the tutorial closely because it’s easier to watch than to follow written instructions. This should be easy because he is able to show step by step on the screen. Also, it’s a cool handmade gift to make because it is unique. I think it would be a cool craft to make with the kids or friends, because you can be creative and use whatever color you like. The use of beads in this DIY is fun because it gives a great accent to the keychain.


  • macrame cord
  • bead
  • lighter
  • Scissors


First, use the macrame cord and tie a knot. Use a bead to secure the knot. Continue to watch Pelangi Shop tutorial on YouTube for the full instructions and details.

How To Make A Macrame Keychain - Gift Ideas
Image by Pelangi Shop via YouTube

Next, use other macrame cords to get a row of 5 and start on the knot patterns one by one until you get the heart style.

Keychain Ideas - Macrame Crafts - Stocking Stuffer Ideas
Image by Pelangi Shop via YouTube

Overall, these are cute little love keychains to give as a gift or stocking stuffer. I think it’s a good way to have something matching with a friend, attach to a backpack, or set of keys. Plus it would be easy to locate your stuff because they are a good size. This reminds me of when I was in grade school because we would make a lot of bead projects and trade them with our friends. However, it’s a similar style but a macrame version.

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