DIY Scissors Pouch Holder

This DIY scissors pouch holder by Sewingtimes on YouTube is a beginner-friendly tutorial and it’s so cute when you are traveling. I love how it fits 3 different scissors and has different slits. This pouch is great for storing and carrying your scissors. If you have basic sewing skills, it’s simple to sew and to follow along with. The pattern of this pouch is completed by folding A4 paper a few times. The finished measurements for this pouch are in the description box of the YouTube video. SewingTimes does a great job showing how to make the pattern and it’s quickly made. Plus, it’s a small cute pouch that can be made with favorite fabric designs.


  • plain weave cotton outer layer fabric
  • A4 Paper
  • scissors
  • plain weave cotton lining fabric
  • fusible fleece
  • sewing machine
  • iron
  • fabric marker
  • snap buttons clasps fasteners with press stud
  • needle and thread


First, make your pattern by using the A4 paper and folding it. Once you get the template pattern ready, trace it onto the fusible fleece. Then, iron on the fusible fleece onto the outer layer fabric. Sew the fusible fleece onto the fabric, and cut around the shape while creating small slits around. Continue to watch SewingTimes tutorial on YouTube for further instructions and details.

How To Make A Scissors Pouch Holder - DIY Pouch
Image by sewingtimes via YouTube

Next, continue to follow along and sew with the pattern that has the folds in this tutorial. Then, sew in the snap buttons with clasps onto the pouch.

Easy Scissors Holder - Sewingtimes - Pouch Tutorial
Image by sewingtimes via YouTube

Overall, I think this is a useful project for someone that loves to sew. Also, it’s a great portable pouch to have and keep organized. This would be a fun project to add to the list and to make. I love how this pouch closes with a snap button too.

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