How To Deep Fry A Turkey

If you haven’t had a deep-fry turkey, I would say you need to try it at least once for Thanksgiving. The skin of the turkey once it’s deep-fried taste very crispy and flavorful. Of course it depends on the seasoning you put on it. The steps are easy to follow along with and this video by GrillingNetwork™ on YouTube shows that it is extremely safe if you take the needed precautions. Also, it may seem simple to deep-fry a turkey, but you need to follow the correct steps to not over cook it too. Down below are some tips on how to deep fry a turkey.

Measure how much oil is needed

First, you want to fill up your deep fryer about a quarter with water. Place the turkey in the pot and it will cause the water to rise. Take a yard stick or something long and mark the line here the water comes up with a sharpie. This will accurately measure how much oil you’ll need to deep fry the turkey.

Deep Fried Turkey Recipes - Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes
Image by GrillingNetwork™ via YouTube

Make sure turkey is fully thawed

If the turkey is still slightly frozen, this may cause the oil to over flow and the combination of water and oil is dangerous.

Southern-style Turkey Recipe - Use Peanut Oil To Fry Turkey
Image by GrillingNetwork™ via YouTube

Heat up oil to 325F

Make sure it is preheated before placing the turkey in the oil. A deep fried turkey cooks at a rate of about 3 to 3 1/2 minutes per pound. A 10 pound turkey should take about 30-35 minutes .

Let it rest

Once you remove the turkey fron the deep fryer, let it rest for about 10 minutes. Let the turkey drain off the oil for a little bit, then you’re ready to go.

The color of a deep fried turkey looks delicious and nicely brown, and if you follow the right instructions, it’ll keep moist.

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