How To Make The Creamiest Mashed Potatoes

Tasty’s tutorial on YouTube shows many different tips and tricks on how to make the creamiest mashed potatoes. The higher the starch and low moisture mean the fluffier interior. It’s important to use specific kinds of potatoes for the right texture, and Yukon gold potatoes are the ones to achieve the creamy texture since they’re hard to over mash. There are different combinations and techniques this video has talked about. I didn’t realize melted butter and heavy cream make the creamiest mashed potatoes. This tutorial has changed my ways of making mashed potatoes now, and I can’t wait to see for myself.


  • 4 lb Yukon Gold Potatoes
  • 1 stick, melted butter
  • heavy cream
  • 2 sprigs, rosemary (optional)
  • 1 head garlic, crushed


First, start off by peeling and chopping your potatoes. To keep the potatoes from discoloring and oxidizing, place the, in a bowl of cold water. Add the potatoes in a pot of cold water with a generous amount of salt. Let the potatoes come to a soft boil on low heat.

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Image by Tasty via YouTube

Next, drain the potatoes when they become tender, and place them back into the pot over medium-high heat. Stir them around for a couple of minutes so the extra moisture is removed, and remove from heat. Continue to watch Tasty’s tutorial on YouTube for further instructions and details.

Creamy Mashed Potatoes - Potato Recipes - Homemade Potato Recipe
Image by Tasty via YouTube

Overall, I didn’t realize how different it is to make mashed potatoes, and certain tips and tricks make a difference when it comes to a creamy texture. There’s just not enough butter, so topping it off with more butter and chives adds more flavor. I love salty and peppery mashed potatoes too. This is one of those side dishes that is appropriate no matter what occasion it is. It can go along with a dinner meal or a holiday Thanksgiving feast.

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