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20 Amazing Ways to Get Clicks

We do everything to have more site traffic.

So, is there a science to this, so to speak?

Most of the articles that we will list below describe methods that have been successfully tried by foreign bloggers. These methods will not only help you get more clicks. Maybe it will put you among the most clicked ones in Turkey. As long as you take the time to study them all and work hard, apply the ones that suit you the most…

Here are Proven Methods to “Blow Up” Your Page:

1. You can get thousands of clicks from Reddit, one of the most popular forums in the world, in just forty-five minutes.

2. Four different ways to attract visitors with the StumbleUpon app.

3. Names who specialize in blogging describe twenty-eight vehicles that generate traffic.

4. How did a brand new blog drive tens of thousands of visitors from scratch with viral marketing?

5. The best way to spread online is to act as an authority on the topics that make up your content.

6. Use the knowledge of others to edit content for yourself.

7. Rules you must follow when advertising your own site on internet forums.

8. It is possible to double your number of clicks in just thirty days.

9. Leave correct ad comments on other blogs to attract visitors to your own site.

10. You can share more posts using the suggestions here. More posts means more traffic.

11. Know and stay away from the useless ways most bloggers spend time getting clicks.

12. Redesign your site to match your content.

13. It may be enough to spend just fifteen minutes each day to get visitors on Twitter.

14. Looks like Google+ is lagging behind other social media apps, right? Here’s how to reach five hundred thousand people in a few months using Google+.

15. As of the current year, seventy-four percent of internet traffic originates from videos.

16. Dominate Youtube. So make it the number one source of your traffic.

17. You can make your name known by paying less than a penny per click.

18. Find out the secret of foreign blogs that attract millions of visitors.

19. You can take advantage of their platforms by contacting the owners of internet forums and facebook groups.

20. Increase your traffic by discovering your most valuable resources.

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