How Much Money Can You Make With Google Adsense?

Whether you started blogging five minutes ago

If you want, five years ago, making money from your blog will always be the most important issue. Should I try to make money by blogging? Are there really people who make a living by making money online? How can I monetize my blog?

The easiest and most common way to monetize your Google Adsense blog. But I must warn you: Adsense is not a way to turn the corner. On the contrary, even gaining a few pounds can take a very long time. Still, it’s also possible to make a lot of money in the long run, of course.

What is Adsense?

Adsense is a program that makes money for blog and site owners by publishing Google ads. You have probably come across adsense ads many times until today. As it stands, Google gives you a small percentage while taking the lion’s share of the profits. There are two ways to earn money from Adsense:

Views earn money by viewing pages or posts with Adsense ads.

Click earns money by clicking these ads (never click on your own ads)

To put it in its simplest form, you apply to get an adsense account and then you add the given code to your site or blog. You can determine how the Adsense ads on your site will appear, where you will place them and what type of ads will be published. When your Adsense earnings reach one hundred dollars, Google either sends you a check or transfers the amount directly to your bank account.

Who Carries Adsense Application Conditions

If you are using Blogspot/Blogger, you can apply for adsense from the monetize tab in your usage panel.

If you also have a WordPress blog that you host, you should go to the Adsense site and apply for an account. Once your application is accepted, you can manually paste the code or add the adsense plugin.

If you are using free WordPress, you cannot apply for Adsense. However, if you have your own domain name, you can apply for Wordads advertising.

How Much Money Can I Earn

As I said above, you cannot become rich in one day with Adsense. It took me nine months to earn just two liras on my own blog. However, I was able to reach the level of one hundred lira last month. While this increase may seem like a good move, I know other people are making money from their blog like a full time job. Compared to them, this amount means nothing. Of course, in order to reach the point they reach, you will need time and an increasing site traffic over this time.

Some ads published on Adsense earn better than the rest. This is determined by factors such as the amount of traffic you have, what keywords people search for to reach you, and the proportion of people who click on a particular ad. As I mentioned, how much money you will earn from Google Adsense ads depends on many factors; One thing is for sure, new blogs don’t make a significant amount of money.

My personal blog is now fourteen months old and on some days I get no ad clicks and the amount I earn from views alone does not exceed a few cents. On some days, each click can earn as much as $2 per click, but yesterday, for example, revenue per click dropped to 26 cents.

Many people complain and get impatient about not making any decent money for months after putting the code on their blog. If you are looking for a way to earn money on the same day, Adsense may not be for you. To be honest, I don’t know of a system that will pay you the same day. If I already knew I would use it myself 🙂

How Can I Make Money From Adsense

Basically, the best thing you can do to increase your click-through rate is to increase your search traffic. When people look for a solution to a problem, they often turn to search engines like Google or Bing. If you have posts that solve these problems, you will get a good ranking in the search results thanks to search engine optimization. SEO will also contribute to the appearance of ads that are more relevant to search on your page, so when people come to your page, they will be more likely to click on ads related to their problems. As a result, you will be able to earn with ad clicks.

Let’s say I wrote an article about the health risks of liposuction. I use SEO techniques to help Google better understand the content of my article. This way, I manage to come up in third place in the search results when someone does a Google search of the risks of liposuction. Since Adsense also knows the content of my article thanks to the Google partner platform, for example, users who view this article of a company that provides safe liposuction service publishes the ad. People visiting my page will be more likely to click on this ad.

As the example I gave you can tell, the first place where ad revenue starts is in providing quality and relevant content that people will want to view.


There are a few very important things you need to know before placing Adsense code on your blog:

1. Never click on your own ads. If you are not aware of it yet, let me give you a secret; Google is a giant mechanism that is aware of almost everything that happens on the Internet. It is impossible for such a magnificent structure not to notice that you are clicking on your own ads. Yes, I know it can seem like a tempting watch to click on your own ads and earn some money right away from your seat. However, such a trick will lead you to be banned (banned) from the Adsense system, perhaps forever.

2. Never click on your ads to your close circle and friends. Just like the first item… It will cause you to be kicked out of the system. It is still a mystery how Google was able to reveal this trick using an algorithm, but you can read the experiences of hundreds, thousands of people who were thrown out for this reason on the forums. A few smart friends I know are among these people…

3. Track your ad clicks day by day. If your average number of ad clicks has been, say, two per month and you have received dozens of clicks in one day, do not be happy right away. Someone may be trying to kick you out of the system. Even if you’ve done nothing wrong, such an unorganized jump in ad clicks could result in you being dismissed as suspicious. Keep in mind, Google won’t take your defense. It makes every transaction one-sided.

4. Do not depend on Adsense as your only source of income. In the best-case scenario, you never know when Google will do what, even if you make thousands of dollars a month from hundreds of well-established SEO blogs, all linked to Adsense. Very high quality and large sites that I know were removed from the system for no reason. Always keep a money making method aside as an Adsense alternative, just in case.

5. Do not use more than three ads on a single page. Google allows a maximum of three ads per page. For example, if there is one in the header, one in the sidebars and one at the end of the post, you are not authorized to use other Adsense ads on that page. Three ads will be more than enough anyway. You have to be careful not to disturb your regular readers with advertisements everywhere. There are good ways to properly place ads without making your site ugly.

It is, of course, a difficult task to thoroughly analyze a complex and broad topic such as Adsense in a short article. In this post, I just wanted to cover some basics for beginners. For much more detailed reviews on Adsense and advertising, I recommend you to take a look at these and these articles.

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