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23 Prettiest Pastel Pink Hair Color Ideas Right Now

A pastel pink hair color is a soft and delicate version of pink that’s usually fused with other lighter fashion colors like blonde and even purples or worn on its own. It pairs with absolutely any type of hair and skin tone and is super wearable! All you need is the confidence to flaunt it! Pastel Pink Hair Coloring Tips

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8 of the Prettiest Pastel Pink Hair Ideas | Wella Professionals

This is pure pastel pink at its punchiest. To create the look, locks were lightened with Blondor Soft Cream + 4% first, which enables gentler lifting when you’re working close to the root. Next, permanent Illumina Color 10/36 + 10/05 + 1.9% was applied.

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8 of the Prettiest Pastel Pink Hair Ideas | Wella Professionals

Pastel pink doesn’t just work on light, almost-platinum hair. Your honey blonde clients will love it too, as it adds a dose of candyfloss-inspired fun to their look. If they’re feeling this sunny hue, try coloring their roots with Illumina Color 8/69 + 8/1 + 6% first.

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25 Pastel Pink Hair Ideas to Try – Hairstyle Camp

Here is how you can get colorful pastel pink hair. Step 1 – Prepare everything from the dye package, don’t forget to put on gloves and prepare a dark towel for your shoulders. You certainly don’t want to get messy! Step 2 – You will need to bleach your hair first, for the best results.

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135 Pastel Pink Hairstyles That You Can Go For – Frillr

Peach pink hair with black roots is one of the hottest pastel pink combinations you can ever get. This hairstyle involves jet black roots with peach-pink hues underneath. This color is very vibrant and helps to light up all the features. The best way to show off this exotic color is in this braided crown hairstyle.

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Pastel Pink Haircolor | Redken

Going pastel pink hair is the ultimate way to shake up your haircolor. In addition to adding vibrancy to your overall look, this light pink haircolor uses a soft ombre technique to ensure easy upkeep (a dark root is incorporated from the beginning!). The best part?

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40 Pink Hairstyles as the Inspiration to Try Pink Hair

The pastel pink base smoothly melts into the deep pink that abruptly transitions into the contrasting black on the tips. What makes this hair even more amazing is that the unusual color transitions are emphasized by waves. Instagram / @hair_slayerz #5: Rosé Crop We fell in love with this rosé crop that looks daring and feminine at the same time.

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