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14.4k Followers, 2,645 Following, 76 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from @africanbarb_ Big lips💋 (@africanbarb) has created a short video on TikTok with music Tap In. #duet with @queensbeautybase Instagram @Africanbarb_ Big lips💋 (@africanbarb) has created a short video on TikTok with music Snake. IG africanbarb_ backup page @africandoll2_ Behaviour and CompatibilityTop ↑. A generally peaceful species that should not be kept with more boisterous or much larger fish. Good tankmates include Pelvicachromis species and other dwarf cichlids, Alestiid tetras, smaller Mochokid catfish such as Microsyndontis species and other similarly-sized African barbs.. Although it is gregarious by nature it is a shoaling rather than schooling Characteristics. The Barb is a light riding horse noted for its stamina. It has a powerful front end, high withers, short back, a sloping croup, and carries its tail low. It is hardy with clean legs and sound hooves.It does not have particularly good gaits, but gallops like a sprinter. Species group: Sport horses The basics: The West African Barb is descended from the Barb Horse (short for Barbary) horse of North West Africa. The Barb is the classic horse of the Berber peoples of North Africa and the original breed stock came to Africa via Egypt in the 8th century. .

1,040 Likes, 17 Comments – @africanbarb_ on Instagram: “Dress from @mercyboutiqueusa” We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Jan 23, 2015 – Moroccan Barb Horse – One of the ancient breeds of the world.The Moroccan or North African Barb’s origins are shrouded in mystery. Angel: Berry: Birthday: Black: Blue: Blue Flame: Blue Morpho: Brown: Camo: Chocolate: Chocolatecheese: Ebil: Flurry: Ghost: Gold Key: Gray: Green: Green Flame .

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