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aj clementine 🦋 let’s cry together 📍 Melbourne 📧 biz: AJ Clementine. 410 likes. Be a Limited Edition This page has a total of 776 Tiktok Videos. These videos are shared by AJ Clementine (@ajclementine) through the Tiktok app. The first videos shared by AJ Clementine were shared on 2020-09-03 00:07:53 and the last video was shared on 2020-08-21 13:10:54.. On this page AJ Clementine Tiktok videos were liked by 776 Tiktok users, shared 2,227 times and received 4,275,100 reviews from other tiktok instagram: @ajclementine_ i rlly went through a whole transition since i last saw her lol-i decided to catch up with my high school best friend after 5 years. she was the first person to know that AJ Clementine is a Melbourne based YouTuber who has become an activist for the LBGTQ+ community. Sharing her life, she talks about the importance of speaking up about mental health and living every day as your authentic self. AJ Clementine. @ajclementine. 3 months ago. if i ever get to be a parent i hope i raise them differently. y’all deserve the good things! 💕 #daddyissues #enjoyyourlife #showerthoughts. Young the Giant – Mind Over Matter – Young the Giant. 9.5M. .

AJ Clementine. @ajclementine. 7 months ago. this is petty but i kinda hope my ex watches this 🤡 #exbf #formyvalentine #foryou #mtf #glowup #diyvalentine #menow #modelpose. cartoonxaudios – original sound. 12.2M Aj clementine Popularity . Most Popular #21674. 24 Year Old Model #19. Model Born in Australia #36. Pisces Model #46. Aj clementine Is A Member Of . 24 Year Olds. Models. Born in Australia. Pisces. Aj clementine Fans Also Viewed . Kendall Jenner. Model. Gigi Hadid. Model. Hailey Bieber. Model. Trisha Paytas. YouTube Star. ajclementine. hello. ♢ Ask Away P H O T O G R A P H S Y O U T U B E P E A C E S U B M I T ♓ Ask away x a-blank-space:. From the bottom of my heart I hope 2020 is a better mental health year for everyone (via 90sz) .

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