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Resolution: 214 x 317

Cassie (@cassie_hendry_official) has created a short video on TikTok with music Halloween. | DIY Flower Crochet Headband! #diy #crochet #headband #winter #fashion #TimeforTENET #VinylCheck #fyp #viral @cassiehendryofficial love this video of your #tuesdaytricks! This was one of our fav steps from Tyler and David’s collab! #idmvideo I should have moved the chair!🤦🏼‍♀️😂 @cassie_hendry_official – Tiktok video @cassie_hendry_official Posted 1 month ago 5.64K followers 💗 354.5K 📑 0 ↪️ 48.3K 🎵 s.e.brown – original sound. Follow my on Tik Tok @cassie_hendry_official for more content! You can discover all videos posted to #irishdance tag on TikTok.. Since created on TikTok, #irishdance has been posted around 12100 videos by other Tiktok Members.. TikTok members have viewed #irishdance’s videos around 295100000 times on TikTok. .

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