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Halley (@halleyisokay) on TikTok | 140.8K Likes. 861 Fans. Im disgusting Im ugly You’re gonna kill me Give me $200. Twitter: @halleymoose Halley is a name given only to the most elegant females. Smart, kind, funny, athletic, beautiful…these are but some of the qualities that make a Halley. Halley is always there to pick you up and lend a hand, no matter what the problem may be. She’ll always find a way to make you smile, no matter how sad you may be. She is strong and independent, but also gentle and loving. In Shadow Hearts. Joshua lives in London and is a member of a gang of orphans called the London Rats along with Halley, Chris and Sharon.It is unknown whether his parents died or abandoned him or how long he has been living without them. Joshua sometimes makes money by working errands for the hotel. 4a) If 6 living Pokemon are in the party when Reshiram/Zekrom are captured in Black/White, whichever Pokemon leaves the party to make room for them still becomes a champ. If a dead Pokemon is booted, they do not become a champ. I 86’d this rule when I actually played BW because it’s kind of dumb. Including Reshiram and Zekrom, all 7 Pokemon that participated in the E4 challenge are banned. Simmers! If you’re interested in writing and/or reading sims stories, participating in fun competitions and events, joining a friendly and welcoming community, completing legacies and challenge and earning medals, or just having a great place to discuss Sims 2, Sims 3, or Sims 4, then there is a place for you at the The London Rats are a street gang made up of orphaned children who live in an abandoned house in London. They are led by Halley. Current Members of the Lon – .

We all have seen Alan Kurdi’s corpse on the beach and the horrific images of death and destruction in Syria over the past few years but how little do we know about the day to day struggles of the… .

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