23 Stunning Examples of Brown and Blonde Hair

#1: Light Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights Caramel, mocha, and chocolate tones are in this light brown hair. All the goodness of a sweet treat in a very delectable light brown hairstyle! Caramel blonde highlights on brown hair are perfect transition pieces. Instagram @locksbylaurynn #2: Chocolate Brown to Rooted Auburn Blonde

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Brown Blonde Hair: 30 Chic Styles for 2021 | All Things Hair US

Want a sophisticated blonde to brown hair look? Choose highlights with a buttery-white, almost frosted blonde tone to go with an ash brown base. 8. Golden Highlights A purple shampoo helps keep brassiness at bay. Photo credit: Dvora. By the same token, warmer and/or peachier complexions get a better glow from golden and more honey-hued highlights. If you can build a nice tan or have a beautiful darker base complexion, then warm tones will be your best friend.

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55 Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights Ideas for 2022

Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights and Lowlights Source If you want to maintain your brown base, but you long for bringing it to life and light, go for highlights and lowlights. To add dynamism and shape, choose highlights in a lighter color and lowlights in caramel or dark honey. 24. Rose Gold Highlights Source

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54 Best Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights Ideas In 2022

Bronde, also known as “brown blonde,” is a blend of dark and light shades that result in a dimensional, low-maintenance hue. Good hair day by @hairby_gloria. Ash Bronde Prefer ashy tones? Your colorist will use the same technique they use to create classic bronde—only with this variation, the result will be ashy and cool-toned. Caramel Bronde

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40 Brown Hairstyles with Blonde Highlights | Southern Living

Tortoiseshell hair—the blend of chocolate brown, chestnut, caramel, and honey—is one of the trendiest hair colors for brunettes ever. Adding a little extra honey blonde in the look makes for an even more statement-making style. Cool-Blonde Balayage

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55 Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights Looks for 2022 (With Images)

The first thing you need to know about the combination of brown hair and blonde highlights is that it simply illuminates the base color. Rather than changing it altogether, in the way other colors do, the blonde simply acts as a powerful source of light, attracting sun rays. 2. The Messy Bun Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

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65 Hottest Blonde Highlights On Brown Hair to Try in 2022

If your hair is dark brown, blonde highlights will do the trick easily. 32. Vibrant beauty Contrasts are everything. Adding platinum blonde highlights to dark brown hair is a bold move. You’ll love the extravagant turn your style will take. Get ready for some awestruck glances. 33. Classic Feathered Hairstyle

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