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Kristina Kindrick ( has created a short video on TikTok with music You Are Not Alone. | I think I’m going to be okay #frostbite #thanos #love #gambit 9 months ago. Frostbite loves you #pitbull #dog #fyp #love #frostbite #aww #beautiful. darwinandjakexx – original sound. 41.2K. We’re actually this dramatic irl so this was easy @noahbeck. 2.4K. she gave me permission to pull her hair😤 (here before all the “ship” comments😳) @gianina #dance #tiktok #dancecan43 #boy # Kristina Kindrick ( has created a short video on TikTok with music Living In The Sunlight. | well that didn’t work lol #klaus #kitten #fyp #lol | time for Klaus to get his collar | it didn’t go well . 429 Videos 103 Following 466.3K Followers 429 Likes I’ve taken over my mom’s tiktok 😂🐶 Kristina Kindrick 2019-12-07 14:46:22; Frostbite didn’t like that #fyp #lol #omg #cute #frostbite #pitbull #funny #dog. 697.9k 2.3k 18.6k; The video was liked 697.9k times by tiktok users, it 2.3k comments and has been published 18.6k times in total. Other Videos; TikTok Popular Videos. Check out More Videos from Kristina, the cat who was changed for the better. Basic Information NAME: Frostbite USER: xSnowfall AGE: 27 Moons CLAN: ImperialClan RANK: War Commander PELT: White and silver tabby she-cat with unnatural violet eyes PERSONALITY: Shy, kind, helpful, motivating, loyal, a bit bossy QUOTE: “In life, there are bad things and good things. .


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