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Resolution: 700 x 1742

271.2k Followers, 284 Following, 412 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from K I M B E R L Y. (@kihmberlie) kihmberlie kills it without even trying too hard. With the right lighting, backdrop, clothes, poses and professional cameras, you can achieve anything on Instagram. But these usually come at a hefty cost! kihmberlie, though, is doing all these and showing us how to try it AT HOME. The Insta star, whose account has almost 90K followers, is a kihmberlie (@kihmberlie) has created a short video on TikTok with music Do It. but add a black girl #creative #MagicMoment #fyp #selfportraits kihmberlie’in giydirdiği bebekler. Henüz bebek yaratmadın. Stardoll Şöhret, Moda ve Arkadaşlar. Tasarla ve dekore et. Topluluğa katıl, sohbet et ve yeni arkadaşlar edin! Bedava kızlar için giydirmece oyununu oyna! Ana sayfa. Kayıt ol • En Yeniler • Spotlight • EVİM Kihmberlie is based in California. You can book her by contacting her at Kihmberlie inspires us because she takes initiative to follow her dreams & actively shows us, sometimes, you just need a little imagination. WE TOLD YOU Sure, you’re mainstream but we want you in the know! – Kihmberlie. The girl in front and behind the camera. WHAT YOU’LL RECEIVE. Optional Print or Canvas. You can select the option of an 8×10 Paper Print or a 12×12 Canvas Print when purchasing. Photo Shoot Guide. .

LA-based artist Kihmberlie is like the final boss of this trend. If you take a look at her Instagram, you’ll see a bunch of epic concept shots—which she conceptualizes, builds, shoots, and models herself. Click on one, and scroll through the photos to see more of her process. Kimberly Douglas, going by Kihmberlie online, is a model whose creative photos have gotten her nearly 84k followers on Instagram. However, it’s not only her looks that gathered the girl so many fans – Kihmberlie actually crafts her own photo sets for each of her pictures by hand! Does Kihmberlie ring a bell? Instagram is an amazing platform to showcase one’s talent, skills and creativity. One model took advantage of this opportunity and showed the world how ingenious she is. kihmberlie. Verified. This shoot was the definition of trial and error, bought crepe paper from amazon, wrong dimensions had to send it back and get more, watched a ton of videos of how to make a crepe paper rose, new crepe paper came in, not wide enough to make a rose so I aimed for a peony, .

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