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Resolution: 281 x 480

Mr.Pendujatt (@mr.pendulove) has created a short video on TikTok with music Bambiha Bole 10. #channel #amritmaan #sidumoosewala #mrpendu #model #tiktokindia #tiktok #bhullar #youtuber #youtube #mrpendujattt What do you get? 800-15000 New Fans Each Month A MAJOR boost in daily outreach to TikTok fans in your niche audience MAJOR Increased Daily Profile Views […] @mr.pendulove “I have been creating tech videos while for the internet to see. I’ve seen many other tech video makers do the same, the only difference is that they go viral. I wanted the same effect for my Tiktok too, so far and gained 100k new followers. I was told not to use profanity but I’m telling I know for sure.” .

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