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5 mois à Sydney pour mes études. Je vous emporte dans cette aventure australienne. Voyages, découvertes, amitiés, job Tout se passe sur Sasadventures! 5,531 people follow @salomellmnt‘s Instagram account. Create an account to see everything they share. Heyyy everyone, I hope your final exams went well! It’s finally the end of the semester! Let the holidays begin! I’m sure that you all have plenty of travel plans, if one of them is to go to Melbourne, this article is for you! Two months ago, I went to Melbourne with two friends during 3 days and we discovered so many Hi everyone! Thank you to all those who have submitted photos for the photo competition. We saw a lot of great photos of your whereabouts in and out of Sydney. Below are the finalists for each photo category. These photos are posted on our Instagram account, so please be sure to vote by liking your favorite photo – ev The Rainbow Purses | Whether if you’re bold or basic, these are the kind of little bags that give a twist to your entire look and will require you to answer the question: ‘Where did you get that?!’. There’s a colour and a size for everyone. But you’ll probably want them all. Shot by @peterock29 #MangoCollection Pubblicato su YouTube da Salomé l il 2018-08-16 11:30:02 » Enjoyyy blog : insta : salomellmnt -Blue Mountains (2h by .

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