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My name is Matthew Ramos! I’m a kid who has a massive obsession with superheroes. Growing up superheroes did so much for me in shaping who I am and will beco The supes are a race of uber-powerful superhumans that have been medically diagnosed as “super-abled” by mainstream science. In truth, however, most supes are the results of children whom, with the permission of their parents, were heavily medicated with medium to high doses of Compound-V; an alchemical super serum known to produce permanent superpowers in human subjects. These children became supes definition is – plural of supe; present tense third person singular of supe Supes synonyms, Supes pronunciation, Supes translation, English dictionary definition of Supes. tr. & intr.v. supped , sup·ping , sups To eat or drink or engage in eating or drinking by taking small swallows or mouthfuls: supped the hot soup; supped supes, tüm İngilizce kelimeleri bir harf değiştirerek oluşan temel Yeni İngilizce kelimeleri ile aynı harf çiftleri oluşturmak: su up pe es; supes ile sonraki tarafından başlayarak İngilizce kelimeleri bul supes ile başlayan İngilizce kelimeler : supes supes İngilizce sözcükleri : (Definition 1) Short for Super. Basically meaning really awesome or cool. (Definition 2) Also used as a shorter word for Superman. Mainly used by comic book writers. .

Supes approve $6.6 million in CARES Act fund allocations the board also voted 5-0 to approve a response prepared by county staff to grand jury recommendations. It’s a good thing, too, because the Supes are out in full force looking for them. Plus, they’ve got a new addition to help the search: Stormfront (), an electrically charged, social media-savvy The personal strengths and weaknesses of “supes” (as they are called on the show), makes The Boys a must-watch. A ton of supes were introduced in the show’s first season and there’s no doubt that there will be more in the upcoming second season. But for now, here’s a ranking of the supes seen and mentioned in season 1 of The Boys (SPOILERS ahead). Supes Legit is an inclusive production shingle serving up comedic films & series. Our aim is to make funny shit while empowering underrepresented & diverse voices in film, television and digital programming. A division of Waterford Valley Pictures. .

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