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  • 23 Stunning Examples of Brown and Blonde Hair

    55 Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights Ideas for 2022 You can combine your blonde ombre with delicate highlights that spring from your brown roots and blend into your desired gradient. 5. Brown Hair with Blonde and Red Highlights Source What makes blonde highlights even more delightful is that they work well with streaks in other […]

  • What are Balayage Highlights? 26 Perfect Examples

    25 Most Popular Balayage Highlights – 2022 | Fabbon 25 Gorgeous Balayage Highlights 1. Warm Caramel Balayage with Long Waves Long hair, caramel highlights, and tumbling curls together make an evergreen combination. Different styles of V-cut layers will focus more on your warm undertones running all through the hair and will also add movement to […]

  • 18 Gorgeous Examples of Black Cherry Hair Color – Byrdie

    23 Black Cherry Hair Color Ideas to Choose From Read on to see our 23 different black cherry hairstyles you won’t want to miss. 1. Black Cherry Angled Bob Dark, bold colors look great on short bob hairstyles. To give your look a little style, go for an angled cut. Hair that is shorter in […]

  • Ombre for Curly Hair: 16 Gorgeous Examples in 2022

    33 Trendiest Ombre Looks for Curly Hair in 2022 – Hairstyle Camp Mix a whole lot of brown with a bit of light blonde for an ombre combination that will make curly hair look stunning. 5. Curly Balayage Ombre Hair source On women of all skin colors with curly hair, try this base of dark […]

  • 25 Examples of Strawberry Brown You’ll Want to Try ASAP

    5 Strawberry Brown Hair Ideas | Wella Professionals The best base for strawberry brown hair is a brunette hue in any shade, from deep espresso to rich caramel. Any depth of brown will work. However, you’ll need to pre-lighten strands to make the strawberry hues stand out, so reach for BlondorPlex (for highlights) or Blondor […]

  • Bad Haircuts | 30 Hilarious Examples of What NOT to Do

    25 Bad Hairstyles That Turned Out As A Disaster Be careful with your hairstyling to save yourself from a bad hair day. 1. Bald Head with a Ponytail In this hairstyle, we see that the man has a bald and shaven head with a ponytail of frizzled hair. Most men who are going bald tend […]

  • 30 Stunning Examples of Reverse Ombré Hair – Byrdie

    10 Reverse Ombre Hair Color Ideas for 2022 – The Right Hairstyles Reverse ombre is a great idea if you’re craving to spice up your look by adding something fresh and unusual to your hair. A bit more daring version of the regular ombre, this hair coloring technique features a light shade on top that […]

  • 12 Sharp Pop Smoke Braids: Best Hairstyle Examples

    15 Pop Smoke Braid Hairstyles to Rock in 2022 – The Trend Spotter Pop Smoke Braids + Beads What could be better than wearing pop smoke braids with beads? They accentuate the protective style and look great. To keep the beads in place, you can use a small elastic band over the braid or a […]

  • 23 Stunning Examples of Brown and Blonde Hair

    55 Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights Ideas for 2022 To add a twist to your brown and blonde makeover, you can go for highlights underneath. All you have to do is maintain your brown base and lighten the part underneath in your favorite shade of blonde to have a stunning hairstyle. 3. Light Brown Hair […]

  • 50 Stunning Examples of Highlights on Dark Brown Hair – Byrdie

    50 Dark Brown Hair With Highlights Ideas(2022 Update) 2. Dark brown highlighted layers. Source. Highlighting dark brown hair with a lighter brown hue may be one of the most classic ways to transform your hair. The dark brown base will make the blonde pop out. This will also create a “natural” illusion, which grows from […]