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Theresa Roemer grew up on a farm in Nebraska. While her childhood friends were busy being kids, Theresa did odd jobs to make money. She was always looking for the next entrepreneurial challenge whether it be delivering newspapers or mowing lawns. This strong work ethic has servedTheresa well; she is a multi-millionaire with several businesses. Theresa Roemer has become one of the most sought after lifestyle brands in the country. Built around this driven and charismatic personality, Theresa Roemer, Follow Theresa Roemer’s Instagram account to see all 1,901 of their photos and videos. Theresa Roemer. Theresa Roemer was born in Spetember 27, 1961 and from Nebraska. She is popularly known for her closet “She-cave” and its an entitled as the world’s largest closet. Moreover, Theresa is a Social Media Influencer, Radio Host, Youtuber, Philanthropist, Author, Fitness Instructor, Former Bodybuilder, and Entrepreneur. Who Is Theresa Roemer? She is a famous Entrepreneur and Social media personality who became famous as the Founder of the Theresa Roemer LLC. She became well known for her being in charge of her own personal styles and lifestyles kind of brands and she has gain a wider fame due to the process. Family & Birth. She was born and raised in Nebraska. Theresa Roemer, Spring, Texas. 18K likes. Speaker Philanthropist Author Tv personality 35 yrs Luxury fitness maven Radio personality .

An American entrepreneur, Theresa Roemer, is a famous businesswoman who won the U.S Open in bodybuilding at the age of 40 years. Besides that, she has also served as the CEO of Theresa Roemer, LLC, where she promotes her own lifestyle and style brand. Theresa was born on 27 September 1961 in Nebraska, USA. – Theresa Roemer (@theresaroemer) Instagram Profilini Görüntüle 18 Temmuz 2019 jamie hersch kocası O zamanlar zaten aerobik öğretiyordu ve Theresa bir sağlık kulübünde genel müdür olduğu California’ya taşındı ve sadece kendi spor salonu için yeterli para toplamak için başka işler yaptı. Theresa Roemer Had Rheumatic Fever as a Child. Theresa Roemer was born on September 27, 1961 and is one of three siblings born on a ranch in Nebraska. A six-week premature baby, you could say that she was born a fighter. In her childhood, Roemer was struck with rheumatic fever four times. The illness resulted in the heart murmur she has today. Theresa Roemer. Businessperson. Owner of the worlds largest closet, social media influencer and Youtuber. 4.8. See all 4. Owner of the worlds largest closet, social media influencer and Youtuber. 4.8. See all 4. Request $30. How does it work? Typically responds in 4 days #More #Motivational Speakers. .

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